CORAX SaaS wms

Evolve Automation introduces CORAX SaaS WMS in the UK market

Innovative Warehouse Management

Evolve Automation has broadened its portfolio with the cloud and SaaS based Warehouse Management System (WMS) CORAX. Evolve Automation is an experienced specialist in efficient and reliable mobile robots for all markets; from e-commerce fulfillment robots to moving any type of goods from A to B in food processing, production, automotive, logistics, supply chain and supermarkets. Evolve is happy to offer its customers a total solution, both for internal, mobile robot solutions and for warehouse management. Both products are fully scalable, can be implemented in a short time and therefore enable a fast ROI.

CORAX is an innovative WMS developed by the Dutch based company Davanti Warehousing. With a WMS you take control over your internal warehousing. CORAX is SaaS (Software as a Service) which means that it’s an online, scalable product; you do not need any servers or IT infrastructure anymore. When the operation grows, CORAX keeps the same pace. It’s updated every 2 weeks, developed in Microsoft Azure and the data are safely stored in the cloud. It has a Web and an App version; you easily take control over inbound, storage, outbound, returns, BDD etc. in food, 3PL, retail and ecommerce.


Fast and flexible

CORAX has been implemented in small warehouse with only 3 users but also, for example, in US largest coldstore with more than 100,000 pallet places. Because the product is scalable, it’s a very flexible application. This is not a WMS with requires a long term implementation period; you can implement it within a month. Because of the easy interfacing module, you can connect it with numerous applications like ERP, TMS or webshop software.

Scott Hitchin

“The CORAX App is very user-friendly; you can work with both your smart phone and a logistics scanner. This makes starting up very easy. ”

Scott Hitchin CMgr MCMI, Managing Director Evolve Automation Ltd.


Multiple locations and multiple owners

CORAX WMS supports the management and storage of goods from multiple stock owners in a warehouse. This can be different entities within one company or multiple customers of a logistics service provider. At an administrative level, the stocks remain separate but the administrative users and RF users can work for one or more inventory owners at the same time, if authorized.

The WMS also supports inventory management and goods flows across multiple separate storage locations within one and the same installation. Depending on the authorization, a user has access to one or more warehouses or work areas. The stock levels per warehouse and across all warehouses are always known in real time. Every user of the WMS can choose his own language, which is essential in an international environment like many UK companies experience.