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    What does CORAX consist of?

The WMS system from CORAX is fully hosted in the cloud. CORAX wms consists of several modules that together ensure optimum control, efficiency and connection in your warehouse operation. To give you insight into the working of these modules, we give you a short description of the possibilities within our warehouse software.

What does our wms system consist of?

  • WMS system (WMS)

The wms system is the beating heart of our warehouse software. From the user interface that you can access from anywhere in the world, you have direct access to all information about your operation.

wms system

  • Power BI

Business intelligence is an important tool to increase the innovation and efficiency within your operation. CORAX wms uses Power BI from Microsoft to present you the most important data about your operation in clear dashboards. In this way you always have the information and analyzes ready to further streamline your operation, save costs and increase the speed within your operation.

  • CORAX App

The CORAX App is an important innovation within our warehouse software. With this app we offer the possibility to have direct access to the wms on the work floor. An employee sees in real time what is happening on the work floor and can respond to this. A forklift driver can carry out his assignments with CORAX on a mobile device.

  • Material Flow Control System (MFCS)

Our MFCS ensures a streamlined operation of your warehouse operation through the use of smart algorithms resulting in an optimal distribution of the workload in the warehouse and complete control over the control of mechanical and / or automated systems in your warehouse.

  • CORAX Biz

The CORAX Biz module is the communication module of our warehousing software and offers the possibility to exchange messages between the wms and all possible other systems, so that your operation remains optimally connected to systems outside your wms system.

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a model in which software applications are supplied via the internet, so as a service. The users usually have a subscription to  access the software, making SaaS ideal for business software such as e-mail, instant messaging and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and therefore also for a WMS.

What does SaaS look like?
With a SaaS solution you don’t have to buy, install and maintain hardware or software. You purchase the software online and pay for the use and updates. Below some characteristics of the SaaS services:

  • Cloud architecture that is centrally maintained and secured;
  • Access via any device with an internet connection, which makes access to information and keeping all data synchronous a lot easier.
  • User-friendly web interfaces that are easy to understand.
  • Functionality for collaboration and mutual contact, so that people in different teams or at different locations can work together effectively.

The benefits of SaaS
Companies that have switched to a cloud-based SaaS solution state many reasons for this. Some of these are more efficiency, better cost effectiveness, scalability, access to services everywhere and automatic updates. Below is a more detailed description of the benefits of SaaS:

  1. Low costs for set-up and infrastructure. No investments that have to be written off over a number of years.
  2. Accessible everywhere. The services are accessible from any device with an internet connection. This allows people to work from home, their production remains almost the same as in the office and less office space is needed.
  3. Fast implementation. Compared with your own IT solution, the set-up is ready in no time.
  4. Scalability. Access to the service is usually arranged with a monthly subscription for a certain number of licenses, so companies only purchase what they need. It is not only easy but also effective to be able to match the number of licenses and functionality to what is required at that time.
  5. Leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for availability and performance
  6. Regular automatic updates. The supplier takes care of all updates every week or month. So you no longer have to keep obsolete software up-to-date or offer support for it. In the case of CORAX an update takes place every 2 weeks.
  7. Timely improvements are implemented automatically by the supplier, partly based on user feedback. This allows the IT department to deal with more important issues.
  8. Security at the highest level that customers need, again fully provided by the supplier.

Cloud computing houdt in dat allerlei IT-diensten via internet worden verleend, zoals software, databases, servers en netwerken. Eindgebruikers hebben zo altijd en overal toegang tot hun software en applicaties.

Voor gebruikers betekent ‘de cloud’ dat ze webgebaseerde applicaties, gegevensopslag, dataverwerking en dergelijke altijd binnen handbereik hebben. Cloud computing wordt vaak gebruikt om op afstand persoonlijke of zakelijke gegevens op internet te bewaren en te benaderen. CORAX maakt gebruik van de cloud-opslag van Microsoft Azure.

CORAX wms is updated once every 2 weeks. Every 2 weeks you have the latest version of the software and you can get started every time – for free – with functionality that might be useful to your operation. You will be notified in advance when the updates take place.

If you are convinced that CORAX SaaS wms can add value to your warehouse, you will receive a quote from us and you will be fully guided until the WMS is live. You decide what support you need. Want to know more? Starting with CORAX.

Our consultants perform a scan of your operation. We will do this during a site visit. During this visit the processes in your warehouse will be listed.

You can leave the implementation of CORAX to the experienced consultants of Davanti. They can completely relieve you and give you a quick start with your new WMS. Request a quote: Request a quote.

The free online support consists of 24/7 availability of our support portal where you will find manuals, release notes, functionality information and FAQ. You can also submit your questions 24/7 online; our experts will answer you within 1 business day. If you also want to have telephone support, you can add an additional Support Module to your subscription. Ask for the possibilities.

We assume that we can do the quick scan of your operation by telephone or via Skype. If you prefer a consultant to visit you, please let us know. We will request a fee for this.

Our SaaS wms is scalable; when your company grows, the WMS keeps the same pace. Davanti will gladly support you in your growth. CORAX sends the largest warehouses worldwide. An example is the NewCold warehouse in Tacoma USA With a capacity of 100,000 pallets.

That of course differs per warehouse; it depends on the size and complexity of the warehouse. You always start with a Blue Print, the inventory of your processes. Then a Project Plan is written. For a small company this can be described in half a day, with a larger company this can take a week or more. You must realize that Davanti cannot do it alone; every day that Davanti spends you need to invest a day too to get the job done.

During the implementation, more effort is required from the customer. The key user will be trained, and he or she will train colleagues. The master data must be set up and CORAX must be set up by the key user. We have to figure out  how links with other (ERP) systems are going to be established. Enough to do! In this phase the relationship between Davanti and the customer is approximately 1: 2.

We have set up customers in 2 days, but it can also take 3 months. Ask us for an estimate of your situation! We’ll be glad to help you out.

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