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WMS implementation?

What do your processes look like? What characterizes your warehouse? Every solution starts with an analysis and an understanding of the specific situation. With our long years of expertise and knowledge of the automation of the total supply chain, we have developed one of the best and most advanced solutions currently available. Whether CORAX wms is also suitable for your operation is something we can quickly find out during a face-to-face meeting. If you team up with us, we will follow the approach set out below to progress from introduction to wms implementation.

1. Introduction

We would like to introduce ourselves to you in an informal meeting or during one of our demos to see whether there is a click between you and our organization.

2. Assessment of the current position and challenges of the client

We subsequently assess your current position and the challenges you will be facing during a wms implementation. We will consider the problems your operation encounters and how we can best resolve these.

3. Carrying out a Quick Scan

A consultant will visit you to view the warehouse and to determine whether CORAX is the right choice for you. As our consultants have seen many warehouses, they are able to quickly assess whether CORAX wms can optimize your warehouse.

4. Project definition

During this phase it is clearly recorded how the wms implementation will be carried out, what Davanti will do, what is expected from your people and when each phase is to be completed. In brief: everything will be recorded in a detailed plan.

5. WMS implementation of CORAX with training and advice

We will then start the wms implementation and support your personnel with training and advice. Your operation continues to run whilst we optimize your processes.

6. The option of 24/7 support

After the wms implementation, we will assist you with our professional support team where you can choose which level of service fits your operation best. If you run a 24-hour operation, we are able to offer you 24-hour support, wherever in the world your warehouse may be.

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