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    What does CORAX consist of?

The WMS software from CORAX is fully hosted in the cloud. CORAX wms consists of several modules that together ensure optimum control, efficiency and connection in your warehouse operation. To give you insight into the working of these modules, we give you a short description of the possibilities within our warehouse software.

What does our warehousing software consist of?

  • Warehouse management system (WMS)

The wms is the beating heart of our warehouse software. From the user interface that you can access from anywhere in the world, you have direct access to all information about your operation.

  • Power BI

Business intelligence is an important tool to increase the innovation and efficiency within your operation. CORAX wms uses Power BI from Microsoft to present you the most important data about your operation in clear dashboards. In this way you always have the information and analyzes ready to further streamline your operation, save costs and increase the speed within your operation.

  • CORAX App

The CORAX App is an important innovation within our warehouse software. With this app we offer the possibility to have direct access to the wms on the work floor. An employee sees in real time what is happening on the work floor and can respond to this. A forklift driver can carry out his assignments with CORAX on a mobile device.warehouse software

  • Material Flow Control System (MFCS)

Our MFCS ensures a streamlined operation of your warehouse operation through the use of smart algorithms resulting in an optimal distribution of the workload in the warehouse and complete control over the control of mechanical and / or automated systems in your warehouse.

  • CORAX Biz

The CORAX Biz module is the communication module of our warehousing software and offers the possibility to exchange messages between the wms and all possible other systems, so that your operation remains optimally connected to systems outside your wms.

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