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Warehouse management. How to get optimal control?

Davanti’s CORAX wms means optimum control over your warehouse management. This means control over: quality of delivery, food safety and your data.

Quality of delivery

Warehouse management is about quality of deliveries. As a warehouse manager you want to make the right deliveries at the right time, prevent returns and satisfy food safety requirements. Our wms guarantees accuracy and reliability in entry, storage and delivery. A large number of storage criteria will be monitored, such as:

  • Best-before date;
  • Batch, quality, temperature check;
  • Check on completeness of orders;
  • There is also a critical check on the picking of the right quantities.

warehouse management

Warehouse management and food safety

Food safety is an important quality requirement for the storage of foodstuffs. Traceability to the source of food products or ingredients is crucial in the event of any emergencies. The General Food Law of a country lays down the laws each distributor must comply with. Within CORAX wms it can be viewed in detail:

  • where all foodstuffs come from;
  • from which party;
  • the best-before date;
  • the SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code);
  • and to which purchaser they have been sent.

With this information it is possible to trace and block all foodstuffs that have been through the warehouse and retrieve them from the chain through a recall. This is how CORAX wms makes warehouse management easier.

Your data safely in the cloud

Microsoft Azure stores your data in CORAX wms. Microsoft guarantees the reliability of its advanced data center to store your data safely in data centers which are secured by leading physical security and satisfy a range of standards and regulations. You can even choose in which region your data will be stored; view the Azure region map: https://azure.microsoft.com/nl-nl/regions/

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