P&O kiest voor CORAX wms

P&O Ferrymasters chooses CORAX SaaS wms


P&O Ferrymasters is a leading pan-European specialist that offers numerous tailor-made solutions in the field of transport, logistics and supply chain.

P&O Ferrymasters has formulated a strategic five-year plan, called Port Centric strategy. Storage becomes its own core activity again; Until recently, storage was rented from partners. P&O Ferrymasters is now broadening its base and in this way generating an additional source of income. Read more in this article: Nieuwsblad Transport.

Distributiecentrum P&O Ferrymasters Botlek

Distributiecentrum P&O Ferrymasters Botlek

Port Centric Warehousing

P&O Ferrymasters has meanwhile opened a warehouse in Rotterdam Europoort and a warehouse in the United Kingdom, close to London. The 2 warehouses have now been largely filled with goods from various customers. P&O Ferrymasters now sits at around 600,000 units on an annual basis. The starting point of the Port Centric strategy is to achieve a growth of 5 to 10% per year by widening the activities. So far P&O Ferrymasters is on course.

To gain real-time insight into the warehouses, P&O Ferrymasters started looking for a Warehouse Management System. P&O Ferrymasters first compiled a long list and then a short list. They were looking for a low-threshold WMS that can be implemented quickly and that can grow with their own growth. Since CORAX is a SaaS product, it can easily be scaled up and down. As the company grows, CORAX grows with it.

Niels van der Putten

“The CORAX App is very user-friendly; you can work with both your smart phone and a logistics scanner. This makes starting up very easy.”

Niels van der Putten, General Manager Operations – Contract Logistics

Fast implementation

The implementation time in the Dutch warehouse was two months, from blue print to live gait. Our CORAX consultants have made a blue print of the warehouse; a kind of inventory linked to how to organize the logistics flows in CORAX. Then a proposal was made for implementation and our people started working in close collaboration with the client. You can read here how to implement a CORAX implementation: Starting with CORAX.

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