De Vries Hallum

New Case Study De Vries Transport Hallum with Zebra

International Transport Company De Vries & Zn uses a SaaS Warehouse Management System for increased productivity

Davanti, together with Zebra Technologies, De Vries hardware supplier for scanners and printers, made a case study about the use of a SaaS WMS in combination with scanners and printers.

The company

The Dutch International Transport Company De Vries & Zn, also known as De Vries Transport Hallum, is an innovative and growing family business. The company, which was founded in 1925, is located in Hallum. They have two warehouses: one in Hallum and one in Veghel. Every week, between 7,000 and 8,000 full pallets are handled and different teams pick between 15,000 and 20,000 goods, which are loaded or cross-docked daily with nearly 60 trucks. De Vries is specialized
in the transport of pasta and confectionery and packaging materials. In addition, they offer their customers a total solution for the storage, transhipment and stock management of dry goods.


De Vries previously used a stock module in its own Transport Management System (TMS). In view of the requirements and wishes, this system offered insufficient functionality and flexibility. Especially in light of the growth of the warehousing segment that the company is currently experiencing. That is why they have partnered with Davanti Warehousing, ISV partner of Zebra Technologies, to implement CORAX, an intelligent, Android-based WMS. Read more.

Case study De Vries and Zebra