Work management tool? In CORAX, a user has overviews of the various possible available, assigned, reserved and closed tasks in the warehouse via Work Management. For Instance, by assigning priority instructions on created tasks or tasks specifically to a specific user, certain warehouse activities can be tweaked where necessary.

The workload screen provides an overview of which orders are being picked, what is happening now and what still needs to be released. This gives the customer a real-time overview of the total work still to be performed in the warehouse. As soon as work has been carried out, the status changes – also visually – to ‘done’. If desired, the overviews are available per work area. It answers questions such as: how many bulk picks are there left to do? How many orders still have to be placed on the mezzanine? What is the workload for my forklift drivers? By analyzing these screens, a warehouse manager or order plans can estimate whether he or she has enough people or whether there is a need to scale up.