Users can easily be created and linked to a role. By default, there are 11 different roles in CORAX, from Picker to Administrator. These are already set up; you can also rename a role to what is desirable for your situation. For each role you can set which rights are applicable for which functionality. For example, it is not desirable for a carrier to have access in your system to view the stock. All this can be arranged according to your own needs.
One or more roles can be assigned to a user and per user you can set which language should be activated by default on the mobile App (NL, EN, ES or FR). For example, an order picker can follow Dutch instructions via the app, while the web application is set to English or vice versa.

Less is more, which often also applies to a user interface. If someone has a task for which he only needs 3 menu options, that can be arranged. As a result, people do not “wander” through the software and it is clear what their working area is. This will prevent many errors.