Serial number registration

At article level you can indicate that serial number registration is optional or mandatory upon entry, for example an IMEI number. This can be a serial number which comes with the article, whether or not in the form of a barcode that you can scan, or you can generate a serial number yourself. Separately from the receipts, you can also indicate whether the serial number must be registered with the orders and messages must be sent via the interface.

What we often see is that upon entry the serial numbers are not registered related to the articles. When you do so, you should take the effort to find the article with the right serial number from your stock, while all articles are identical. To make life easy, the serial number is usually registered at outbound. This ensures that you can grab any TV from the correct stock location; the WMS will require entering the serial number of the article you have taken to be shipped. The serial number is now linked to the sales order.