Especially in ecommerce, reverse logistics is a logistical operation with a lot of impact. You want to process return shipments quickly, efficiently and at low costs. With CORAX SaaS WMS you have the right tools in your hands.

Free return shipments are important for consumers

Regardless of whether you have your own warehouse or are a logistics service provider for web shops, return shipments from the consumer are inevitable. For consumers, free return shipments are an important factor for choosing your webshop. The trial periods, attached return labels and return packaging also play an important role in consumers’ preferences. In addition to free shipping, free return shipments are common for consumers. However, the costs are often uncontrollable. Processing a return shipment costs a webshop an average of € 12.50.

Many shops therefore try to reduce the return flows by providing better information when purchasing via the internet such as customized advice, “punishment” for too many return shipments such as at Wehkamp or requesting a contribution to the return shipment. All this can however cause that the customer visits another webshop, which does deliver and return for free. What could really help you and what your customer won’t notice, is effectively take care of the processes in your returns flow.