A packing table or several packing tables is common in the ecommerce business. They are used to check, pack, and possibly enrich small, fine-grained orders and prepare the order for shipment. In CORAX you can use the packing table by adding a VAL activity of the packing table type to the order. This can be linked manually or to an order type, so that it can also be sent along with an interface.

Another possibility is that you can indicate at the client level which order types should or should not go through the table. You can also indicate whether orders that are shipped with a specific carrier must be sent via a packing table or not.

There are several VAL types in CORAX. You can indicate in which order a VAL activity should take place in the process. If an order is equipped with a “VAL activity of the packing table type”, the “collection carrier” (crate/pallet/bin/box) will be deposited at the correct place.

To provide guidance, a specific packing table can be linked to a type or carrier or work area, to determine which order goes to which packing table. A buffer zone can be used where the pick crates to be packed can be deposited.

The collectors can be scanned or entered on the web screen. You will then see the items and can select and move them to a shipping box/pallet/bin/. When this is ready, you can close the shipping unit and the next action is started, for example a move to a dock or roll container.