The order management and the complete outgoing order process are handled by CORAX. Orders can be released per trip or individually to the shop floor and during release CORAX can batch orders. CORAX controls the movement of the pallets to the cranes of the automatic warehouse or to RF. Based on the priority, the picking lists are assigned to a user; the user cannot select a picking list himself. The order picking, and priority change, will then take place in real time.

The status of order picking can easily be followed through the desktop via status updates. Depending on the settings per customer or order, the order picker is sent to one or more locations for carrying out VAL activities before the pallet is ready for shipment.

CORAX also offers the possibility to link the orders to a trip. All orders are collected in one trip for one or more destinations. In CORAX you can also enter the loading order within the trip, so that CORAX takes into account the release of the pick lists. The trailers are loaded based on the route to be traveled.