Delve into the details of order picking strategies and increase your efficiency

With e-commerce sales increasing every year and consumers demanding fast delivery, companies need efficient and cost-effective order picking systems that are tailored to operational and business needs. Since picking accounts for a significant portion of warehouse costs, an appropriate order picking strategy can help companies improve their bottom line while ensuring customer satisfaction.

To increase efficiency, companies will need to focus on increasing warehouse productivity, picking speed and accuracy. The right way for your warehouse depends on your own situation. If you are unsure about the right way for your operation, our CORAX consultants are always ready to support you.

With CORAX you can give picking instructions in 3 ways, with the CORAX App, with MFCS (Material Flow Control System) for automated operations and also on paper if you wish. However, that is no longer necessary, because you have access to the CORAX App.  You can use the app on any mobile device, from your own smart phone to a logistics scanner.

Below we explain a couple of strategies that you can follow with CORAX WMS.