In CORAX, you have the option of cross-docking for full pallets, but also for detailed picking. By linking a receipt to an order, you can immediately prepare a full pallet for a shipment on arrival without having to first register the pallet at a location, provided that the goods meet the item specifications of the order.

In addition to cross-docking full pallets, parts of orders can also be cross-docked. If one or more items are lacking in stock and new stock arrives that matches the item specifications, CORAX will automatically reallocate the shortage and allows to collect it directly from the incoming batch.

Ecommerce is often characterized by a longtail of slow-moving items that are not necessarily in stock. Such items are purchased as soon as there is demand. Several situations may occur: will the item be delivered directly to the customer after receipt? Does it have to be merged with inventory from the warehouse? Or does it have to be stored and wait until the stock for the customer order is fully available? There are different ways of cross-docking depending on the situation, which CORAX can manage well.