It is crucial to have systems communicate with each other in today’s business operations, as you want to be able to exchange data between all your systems. With CORAX EDI, Davanti offers automated data exchange between all your systems, regardless of the brand or type of software. Think of ERP, TMS (Transport Management Systems) and YMS (Yard Management Systems). If the software system cannot connect directly via the CORAX API, Microsoft Biztalk is used as a gateway. Microsoft BizTalk is a middleware system that can automate data exchange of business processes.

Lowering administrative costs

Thanks to EDI you can communicate with all parties via your own systems and do business electronically. The EDI is also applicable to international operations. In case you work with different package carriers, CORAX EDI relieves you from the maze of standalone systems and label printers. EDI also allows you to significantly save on administrative costs, because duplication of work and manual entries will be a thing of the past.