Koretrust CORAX-Partner

Koretrust CORAX Partner in Italy

Davanti is very pleased with its new CORAX Sales Partner in Italy: Koretrust.

Koretrust is a management advisory and business intelligence company based in Forli, Italy. Their mission is to help SMEs and large companies drive growth through data-driven decisions. Their team has over 10 years of experience in the global implementation of IT projects for Fortune 500 companies. They also supported the rollout of the largest business transformation project in the history of the world’s leading F&B company.

The company is characterized by the combination of in-depth business knowledge and advanced technical competence. This makes them a one-stop shop for management advice, streamlining business processes and implementing the latest business intelligence and technology solutions. Koretrust is the highest-rated training entity in the EMEA region for SAP’s new business intelligence solution, SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud).

In order to deliver a complete supply chain solution, Koretrust CORAX offers SaaS WMS to its customer base. As CORAX is a cloud and SaaS-based Warehouse Management system, it is a great asset to their rich range of BI and technology solutions.

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