Davanti runs for Make-A-Wish

On Sunday, October 6, 2018, the running event of Breda will be organized for the 34th time. During this edition, Davanti, together with NewCold, is committed to Make-A-Wish. We try to get as many employees as possible to raise as many funds as possible for Make-A-Wish.  We have formed a team of 10 runners, some of whom run 10 kilometers and others even the half marathon.


Of the 1,200 children who get seriously ill, sometimes life-threatening, the charity Make-A-Wish has been able to make 550 wishes per year come true. With you as a sponsor of our team, this can be even more. We do not run for ourselves, but for all those children who can really use distraction from their illness. Could you please help us?

What’s the motivation of our runners?

Read why Jan-Willem van Vossen takes up this challenge.

Why do you run?

Running energizes me; I can make my mind empty and my physical condition improves. Three years ago I started running when a former colleague of us, Chris Spee, inspired me. He started running and I got enthusiastic as well. Next to the running I practice cardio fitness twice a week.

How often do you participate in runs?

Up to now I did 12 runs, varying from 10 kilometer to half marathon. Last year, in Breda I did the half marathon, which was very heavy but very satisfying. I joined the Dam-to-Dam run, the quarter marathon in Rotterdam, the Run for Kika in Rotterdam, the Circuit Run in Zandvoort on the race circuit, which was fun and the 7 Hills run in Nijmegen. The Singel Run in Breda is the best for me, especially because of the enthusiastic public along the track. Last weekend I ran the Dam to Dam Run again from Amsterdam to Zaandam. The temperature was very high but I got to the finish. I wore the Make-A-Wish running shirt because I really sympathize with its goals.

Do you have the ambition to do a marathon?

Yes, I really would like to, but not in the short term because you really have to be prepared for it, train a lot and that’s time absorbing.

What do you think of Make-A-Wish? 

I didn’t know this charity but I really think it’s a very useful foundation. I have kids myself and I really can imagine that you want to support your children when they are seriously ill. Running for a charity is double useful in this way: it’s for the kids and for my own condition! I would really would like to invite all my colleagues and other relations to support this charity. All donations, from small to large, will help to realize the dreams of children with a serious, even life threatening, illness.

Jan-Willem van Vossen tijdens de Dam-tot-Dam Loop 2019

Justus Koster, trainee at Business Development, explains his motivation.

What is your motivation to participate?

Make-A-Wish is a great non-profit organization and that’s why I like to support this charity by participating in the 10 kilometer Singel Run.
Last year, I ran the Singel Run for the first time and I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the city. There were many spectators along the route, which made the running a little easier.

Are you a sportsman?

I go the gym once or twice a week and I played field hockey for many years until I quit last year. In the month prior to the Singel Run, I go for a run about three times a week.

What do you advise visitors to our website and your colleagues?

I really do recommend all:

  • Participate in the Singelloop yourself next year
  • Visit Breda on October 6 to encourage our team
  • And above all: donate to Make-A-Wish! You can donate here.

Justus Koster at the finish of the Breda Singel Run in 2018