Davanti boosts its international growth efforts in partnership with Holland International Distribution Council

Davanti announces partnership with Holland International Distribution Council

If we have learned anything from the global supply chain crisis, streamlining processes and decreasing errors should be the number one priority for businesses. Another important lesson is that technology offers the flexibility to quickly scale operations to adapt to shifting market conditions.

Consequently, the warehouse management system (WMS) market is dynamic and evolving alongside supply chain challenges. On a global scale, it’s expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.0% from 2023 to 2030.

This development will be primarily due to WMS companies that stay on top of current trends, such as automation and cloud computing while keeping an eye on innovative solutions like IoT.
Here at Davanti, we aim to provide the best-in-class products and help our clients, whether they’re SMBs or large corporations.

That’s why we are glad to announce that we have joined the Nederland Distributieland (NDL), or the Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC) in English, a private, non-profit organization supporting supply chain operations in Europe.

HIDC – a hub for the European supply chain

This partnership allows us to keep up with new developments in the industry. Moreover, our goal is to gain insights into how to help our current and future clients solve their warehouse challenges.

HIDC offers advisory and matchmaking services for supply chain operations in Europe. Funded by the Dutch government and representing over 300 members, the organization provides answers to supply challenges. One of its primary purposes is to ensure that companies who want to open or expand their European business will enjoy a hassle-free process.

For example, businesses can learn important information about the EU market, regulations, and trade and how to cut costs. In this way, entry into the European market becomes much more efficient, and any business can benefit from Dutch logistics expertise.

To this end, HIDC helps companies find logistics partners that they can trust. The partners represent all aspects of the logistics industry: shippers, carriers, service providers, and tech companies. Additionally, they work with various industries such as aerospace, agro-food, chemicals, high-tech and lifestyle. Even better, all of their services, including 3PL matchmaking, are free of charge.

The Davanti and HIDC partnership

According to Robert Reith, partner account manager Davanti Warehousing,

“Participating in the HIDC network and the HIDC activities make it easier to reach out to contacts in new regions. This can bring us new partnerships and accelerate our worldwide CORAX WMS business.”

It’s part of a strategic effort to grow internationally and help many more clients, such as Royal Dutch LV Logistics, who managed to automate many administrative actions through CORAX WMS–despite a 200% growth in their warehousing capacity.

It’s also a great way to meet new people and connect with an international network of logistics experts as they organize events and seminars discussing the latest trends in the industry.