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    Your data secure in the cloud!


Your data is your capital. If there’s anything you want to manage securely, it’s your own data and that of your customers. We at Davanti are well aware of this and have identified data security as a top priority. That’s why we’ve chosen to offer our online WMS through Microsoft’s Azure Cloud environment.


    Davanti actively monitors your CORAX environment. Microsoft monitors the data centers and identifies potential threats. Updates to the underlying systems are performed by Microsoft, without downtime.


    In order to control all services, dozens of statistics are available to which notifications can be linked. This means that the entire environment can be monitored 24/7 and corrective measures can be taken if necessary.


    In addition to applying security best practices during the development of the software code, CORAX’s software code is automatically screened on a daily basis.


    There is also a CORAX Disaster Recovery Guide of which all components are periodically and unannounced tested. This ensures that no possible failing component is overlooked and we can be sure of a correct operation and level of security. This ensures that nothing is overlooked and we can be sure of proper operation and level of security.


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Data is the most valuable and irreplaceable asset of an organization. Microsoft cloud services contain many safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to or leaking data in a multi-tenant cloud environment. These include logical isolation with Azure Active Directory authorization and role-based management, storage-level data isolation mechanisms, and tight physical security. Encryption is the last and strongest line of defense. Microsoft uses some of the strongest encryption protocols in the industry to protect customer data and help you stay in control of it.


The cloud enables Microsoft to use all signals, information, and operational experience to deploy and continuously improve high-quality threat protection. From Microsoft 365 to Azure, the power of the cloud provides built-in protection for all of our products and services. Voorbeelden zijn Exchange Online Protection, een wereldwijd netwerk van datacenters die e-mailbeveiliging van meerlagige, realtime bescherming mogelijk maken, en Microsoft Antimalware, een realtime-beveiligingsfunctie voor het identificeren en verwijderen van virussen, spyware en andere schadelijke software.


Monitoring and recording security-related events are key components in an effective data protection strategy. Microsoft business services and products provide configurable security audits and log options that help you identify and address gaps in your security policies and mechanisms to prevent breaches. Microsoft services offer some (and in some cases all) of the following options: centralized monitoring, logging, and analysis systems for continuous visibility, timely alerts, and reports to help you manage the large volume of information generated by devices and services.


Securing systems, applications, and data starts with identity-based access controls. Features such as one-time sign-in and multiple authentication are built into Microsoft business products and services. They help protect your organizational and personal information from unauthorized access and make it available to legitimate users, whenever and wherever they need it.

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