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    What can a cloud wms mean for your operation?

CORAX – Thé cloud WMS of the future!

“Everything is in the cloud nowadays,”you might think, but that certainly does not apply to many WMS systems currently on the market. Many WMS providers say they offer a cloud WMS, but that often proves not to be true. Many cloud based WMS systems are not optimized to function as a cloud product. There are only a few WMSes that are designed to work as efficiently as possible in the cloud and CORAX WMS is one of them. However, the advantages of a cloud WMS are numerous and one of the most important things to consider when choosing a WMS.

Control over your data

“Is the cloud safe enough to store all my business data? Won’t I lose control over my data in the cloud?” These are legitimate questions and no party can guarantee absolute security. Especially because a lot of data breaches are caused by human error and errors in the security of the network. What we do know is that the core business of advanced data centers is the security of your data. For example, Davanti works with Microsoft Azure. Microsoft guarantees the reliability of its advanced data centers in keeping your data safe. The physical security they realize are not comparable to on-premise solutions at the same cost. Learn more about control over your warehouse.

Efficiency of a cloud wms

The efficiency advantages of a cloud based WMS is achieved in terms of scalability and savings on hardware. Because a cloud solution can be offered as SaaS (Software as a Service), the software can grow with your operation. You pay for what you use. A cloud solution also allows you to eliminate hardware maintenance and management as a cost item, because you won’t need your own servers anymore. The only hardware you will need, are devices to have access to the WMS.

Optimal connection with a cloud wms

Your data is managed in one place and can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world. That is what a cloud based wms offers. An optimal connection between your virtual environment and the people on the work floor is the result. The cloud also offers the possibility of developing an app; while an app may not sound like a big innovation, it is in the logistics world.

The adoption rate of innovative resources in the supply chain is low. However, a WMS app is a great tool to optimize the basic processes on the work floor. Making a WMS app available on a rugged device on a forklift helps the order picker to pick, move and book on the work floor faster and more efficiently. The CORAx app from Davanti is such an app. Learn more about the connections in our WMS system?

Innovation through a cloud wms

Finally, a cloud based wms offers access to almost all possible innovations in the future, such as the HoloLens, the refinement and ongoing development of data intelligence, but also other innovations that are as yet unknown to us but which may prove essential for your warehouse operations. But there are also other innovations that are as yet unknown to us but which may prove essential for your warehouse operations. So beware your next WMS is a cloud WMS.

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