Visit Davanti at the ICT & Logistics | Logistica Exhibition from 5 -7 November 2019

We would like to invite you to the ICT and Logistics Exhibition, which is organized this year together with the Logistica.

When: Tue 5, Wed 6 and Thu 7 November 2019

Where: Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

What: Program

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ICT & Logistics is the annual event where you will find the (IT) solutions that are needed to efficiently organize and implement your logistics processes. A visit to ICT & Logistics offers you an up-to-date overview of applications and services for the entire supply chain. With your ICT & Logistics ticket you have access to the exhibition floor and all seminars.

You can request your free ticket via Davanti: Tickets for ICT & Logistics | Logistica

You will find our booth in hall 1, stand D061. Come by for a demo of CORAX SaaS wms, for a cup of coffee or just to catch up. We look forward to seeing you.


What can CORAX in combination with an MFCS bring for your automated warehouse?

A Material Flow Control System (MFCS) combined with a WMS can give your operation a huge boost in control, speed and safety. In a beautiful visual display, your operators can see how the in- and outbound are going on, where any hickups are located and how that can be solved quickly and efficiently.

All your automated systems can be connected, the WMS can easily be interfaced with the MFCS and you are in control. Would you like to know more? Watch our video on this page: CORAX & MFCS.

How can I use CORAX SaaS WMS to reduce the cost of running my warehouse?

As a company operating a warehouse, you are constantly searching for the highest degree of efficiency. Logically, it makes sense for every entrepreneur to do this to deliver high quality at manageable and verifiable costs. That is the crux of the matter. The robustness of a Software as a Service (SaaS) Warehouse Management System (WMS) as well as the opportunities it offers are an important link in pursuing this goal. Davanti Warehousing would like to introduce you to its state-of-the-art SaaS WMS CORAX.

Cost reduction

Managing your processes with innovative warehousing software can save you a lot of work. CORAX SaaS WMS uses algorithms to determine the most efficient way to route the flow of your goods. This prevents human error and ensures no unnecessary actions are taken. This means that your goods are handled safely and efficiently, ensuring that you do not end up with excess inventory. We can reduce costs in this way by making optimum use of the available time and resources.

What is scalability?

A SaaS WMS is a scalable WMS. You make use of the product in an online environment. As long as you have an internet connection, your WMS will always be accessible wherever you may be in the world and whatever device you are using. Scalability means that no matter how big or small your business is, you can always work with the same standard WMS. Your needs determine your use; the size of your business determines the computing power you require. Davanti’s CORAX SaaS WMS can manage both a five-person warehouse and an enterprise-level business with a high degree of automation in which many pallets are moved each day. As an example, Davanti manages NewCold’s automated cold storage locations on three different continents.

Quick implementation

A SaaS WMS can be implemented quickly. We use a Quick Scan to assess how we can ensure that your warehouse is an optimum fit for the software. Based on this Quick Scan, we will get CORAX ready for your use. Davanti recently got the WMS up and running within a day for a logistical services provider. Once we have prepared CORAX for your use, we will provide a short training session to ensure that all users can get started. If they need to, users can consult the extensive online support at any time (24/7).

Always up to date

CORAX SaaS WMS means that a team of professionals is constantly making improvements. You will always work with the most recent version of the software, for the same monthly price. These updates will be immediately available to you for your benefit, ensuring that your system is never out of date! CORAX SaaS WMS is based on modern Microsoft Azure technology. CORAX WMS is easy to connect to other systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or Transport Management (TMS) systems.

Monthly subscription

Our SaaS WMS does not require a large initial investment. Instead, we use a number of subscription varieties. Although WMS was developed for large, complex businesses, we also want to ensure that smaller warehouses can profit from using our technologically superior product by signing up to one of the monthly subscriptions including Easy start, Next Level, or up to Enterprise. This is for all companies, from ones operating in E-commerce to production companies. You can focus on your business, and we will ensure that your warehouse is managed reliably.

Want to know more about the CORAX Subscriptions? Check them out here.

Read the Van Lith Transport Case Study

Read in our case study how Van Lith Transport controls its warehouse with CORAX SaaS wms in a highly efficient way.

Two reasons can be determined in the decision process of Van Lith for choosing a Warehouse Management System. Firstly, the need for a clear overview of the current stock status in the warehouse. By using the WMS, an estimate can be made of the available capacity and continuous monitoring of the status of incoming and outgoing orders is possible. Secondly, some clients had expressed the wish to know exactly what the stock level of their products is in the warehouse.

Want to know more? Read the case story here.

Van Lith Warehousing

Breakfast Demo CORAX SaaS wms at the House of Logistics Tilburg on 12 June 2019

Do you want optimum control over your warehouse? Do you want to learn how a SaaS wms (Software as a Service) can increase the control in  your own warehouse?

Vistit us and book a live demo during the breakfast session on 12 June 2019 between 7.30 and 12 a.m. in the heart of the Number 1 Logistical Hotspot of the Netherlands, Tilburg-Waalwijk.

We look forward to inform you what the options are for your specific warehouse. How can CORAX wms help you gain more control over your goods flows and serve your own customers even better. Book a time via this link: Make a reserveration.


House of Logistics
Heraclesstraat 6
5048 CG Tilburg

We look forward to your registration.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]

CORAX SaaS wms

Celebration of Development Sprint of CORAX SaaS wms

Today, March the 28th of 2019, we have celebrated the development sprint number 100 of the development of CORAX SaaS wms. CORAX is developed following the Scrum methodology, which uses sprints of 2 weeks.

Our Development Team delivers new functionality every 2 weeks; great work! We do this not only in the Netherlands, but together with our partner Qubiz in Romania. A great partner with whom we reach a high level of synergy.

Below you will find some pictures of the festivities; we had video contact with the 2 teams in Romania and ate a festive cake at the same hour.

Alert Logistics starts with cloud wms CORAX

Logistics service provider Alert Logistics has recently started working with the CORAX cloud-based warehouse management software. The WMS controls the processes in the warehouse in Vianen; Alert’s head office is in Amsterdam.

Alert Logistics focuses on the delivery of the “last mile” to the end customer and, if desired, provides added services such as assembly and disposal of old product and packaging for large retailers such as IKEA and Hornbach. With the growth of the company with an increasing number of web customers in particular, Alert wanted to spread its wings and to this end has taken an additional warehouse in Vianen into use. To optimize control of the goods in the warehouse in Vianen, Alert has chosen CORAX wms.

CORAX wms is a SaaS (Software as a Service) WMS, built on Microsoft technology. The WMS can be implemented quickly and can be accessed anywhere and anytime via the internet; with the CORAX App you can work paperless in the warehouse, since the execution can be done with a tablet, handheld terminal or telephone.

Frederik Tavenier, Commercial Director of Alert, says: “We chose CORAX wms because it is a cloud wms that gives us real-time insight into our processes and also communicates directly with our TMS with an interface. Also the fixed costs per month and the automatic, free updates were reasons for us to opt for this innovative WMS. ” He adds: ” We are also very satisfied with the pleasant cooperation with the implementation team; involved employees who are always easily accessible ”.

Davanti is very pleased with the collaboration with Alert and looks forward to the growth in this partnership.