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Davanti is proud of its customers; we have been working together for years with many of our customers. Our customers are important players on the market who set high standards in terms of their suppliers. We cherish good cooperation with our customers. Product quality, services and employees are of paramount priority.

Schneider Expedition| Logistics Service Provider|3PL

The warehousing activities are a growth model for Schneider in the Netherlands. Now that they work with a WMS, the expansion with new customers can easily be facilitated. In CORAX, every customer can gain insight into his own stock at the logistics service provider …..

“As a key user of Schneider, I can also add customer users to CORAX. A customer-user can manage his/her stock in CORAX real-time and also closely follow which actions are carried out in the warehouse.”

Romy van Gulick, Key user Schneider Expedition

Distributiecentrum P&O Ferrymasters Botlek

P&O Ferrymasters | Logistics Service Provider

P&O Ferrymasters is a leading pan-European specialist that offers numerous customized solutions in the field of transport, logistics and supply chain. P&O Ferrymasters has meanwhile implemented CORAX SaaS wms in a warehouse in Rotterdam Europoort and a warehouse in the United Kingdom, close by …

“The CORAX App is very user-friendly; you can work with both your smart phone and a logistics scanner. This makes starting up very easy.”

Niels van der Putten | General Manager Operations, Contract Logistics

Van Lith Transport | Transportation & Distribution

Van Lith Transport is an international transport company – started in 1989 – which is able to offer a complete solution to the customer. Van Lith started to use CORAX wms in its warehouse in 2017 in order to get more control over its logistic processes. ….

“I had thoroughly studied the matter. Davanti’s professional approach ensured the success of the CORAX cloud WMS. Perfect cooperation made it the right choice.”

William van Lith of Van Lith Transport, Key-user

Royal Mosa | Manufacturing & Warehousing

Royal Mosa BV has 2 warehouses, 1 in Beek and 1 in Brunssum. In both CORAX SaaS WMS has been implemented. Mosa has been producing a wide range of tiles for more than 135 years and markets them in more than 50 countries on four continents…

“CORAX was selected from a longlist, shortlist and a demo by the suppliers of the 3 best WMS packages. The attractive cost model and the full cloud solution ultimately made the decision to choose CORAX. “

Ed Dziatkowiak MBA | Manager Warehousing

NewCold Tacoma USA | Coldstore

NewCold, the deep-frozen storage and logistics specialist based in The Netherlands, has opened its first fully mechanized facility in the US in Tacoma, Washington, 35 miles south of Seattle. Davanti’s cloud warehouse management system CORAX manages the logistics ….

“Davanti’s Warehouse management system gives NewCold the competitive advantage we are pursuing in our 11 cold storages on 3 continents.”

Piet Meijs, VP Business Development

Kamps Transport | Transportation & Distribution

Kamps Transport BV implemented the online warehouse management system CORAX at the end of September 2016. The warehousing activities of Kamps had increased sharply which provoked the need for better management in the warehouse. Kamps Transport started to inves …

“The collaboration with the consultants of Davanti, before and during the go-live of our location in Bergschenhoek, was very pleasant. They could  adapt rapidly and challenges were resolved quickly. Therefore, I look forward to the go-live of the location in Pijnacker with great confidence.”

Jeroen van Wensen of Kamps Transport, Logistics Manager

Eimskip | International Transport and Forwarding Company

Eimskip is a leading North Atlantic transport company with connections to international markets. It specialises in worldwide freight forwarding services and has offices around the globe; revenue in 2018 was EUR 689m…

“We implemented the online WMS CORAX within a very limited timescale, on time and within budget. We are very happy that our operation in Denmark  is supported by a fully cloud-based WMS.”

Sigurður Kristjánsson | Project Manager

Alert Logistics | Logistics Service Provider Last Mile

Alert Logistics focuses on the delivery of the “last mile” to the end customer and, if required, provides added services, such as Assembly and Removal of old product and Packaging for large retailers such as IKEA, Hornbach and iBOOD…

“We chose CORAX wms because it is a cloud wms that gives us real-time insight into our processes and it also communicates directly with our TMS via an interface.”

Frederik Tavenier, Commerciel Director Alert Logistics

Pas Reform | Transportation & Distribution

Pas Reform is an international company with over 100 employees that has specialized in developing innovative breeding solutions for the poultry sector since 1919; the company is a subsidiary of Hydratec Industries NV. The Dutch head office is located in Zeddam and the warehouse in Doetinchem. Pas Re ….

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